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What is so tough about wrapping ones mind around the notion of economic injustice?

Question by Matthew D Rises: What is so difficult about wrapping kinds brain around the principle of economic injustice?
“What are the Occupiers Protesting?” The solution is and constantly has been: financial injustice. However it seemingly flies more than the heads of these on the correct. Why?

Ideal reply:

Answer by coldfuse
It does not fly in excess of the heads of the appropriate at all.

Why on earth do you feel it is financial justice to just take prosperity from people who have earned it to redistribute it to folks who have not? Stealing flies in the face of any reasonable notion of justice.

Have you not nevertheless discovered that a greater part of Democrats, not Republicans, voted to bail out the banking companies? Or that a totally free marketplace economic system would have permitted the banks to fail, wherever the crony capitalism of the left did not? Remember to never let the real truth get in the way of your rhetoric.

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